Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good Sweaty Day...

Yesterday was a good day.  Considering I went into the day with only 3 hours of sleep, it was good.  I had work, as usual (not my favorite part of the day!! J)  Before I left work I changed into my workout clothes, pulled my hair back, grabbed a bottle of water and headed out the door to the kids school to wait for them to get out of the rec program.  I followed through with my plans on walking/running the track and doing some sprints up the steep hill.  I even remembered my heart rate monitor and my pedometer!!  I am famous for forgetting one or both.  Oops.  Hey, I am a busy mom whose mind is not always with me!  I ended up with 2 miles on the track and 20 sprints up the hill.  I did 2 sections of 10 each.  I burned 350 calories which I was quite happy with.  And I was a hot sweaty mess.  And I mean sweaty.  Yuck (but yeah!! at the same time)  Sweat = hard work.  Ya, ok, it also equals 90 degree heat and sun.  But I prefer the hard work senario.

After getting back home, it was life as usual for the most part, dishes, straightening up, blah blah blah… Until my lovely and ultimately creative daughter asked me if she put her bathing suit back on if I would spray her with the hose, or could she spray herself, or could she (with WIDE eyes) fill one of THOSE with water????  Those being totes that we use when we go camping for hauling stuff back and forth.  Sure why not?  And from there my simple gray tote became a redneck swimming pool, diving expedition and all around fun time for her!!  I love that girls creativity!! She had a ball!  And kept cool.  She already has plans for more of the same tonight.

Dinner for me was leftover grilled hot italian chicken burgers (taste just like hot italian sausage patties) from Al Fresco, on a Flatout Foldit bread (LOVE!!), some Baked Tostitos with hot salsa, and green beans.  I have always loved italian sausage but as far as WW goes, it is not overly points friendly.  Until I found these wonderful chicken sausages.  They have several varieties.  I have had several varieties.  They are all YUM.  I think I have 3 different kinds in my fridge as I type.  Most that I get are made by Al Fresco but I also discovered some others at BJ’s Wholesale club recently.  They are spicy mango jalapeno and a spinach feta type.  Other than the patties, I believe they all fall in the 3 points plus value range, the patties are 4.  Well worth it when you grill out a lot during the summer months like we do. 

Once dinner was done and the redneck pool closed down for the night, I decided I would try to step up my game a little and move up to level 2 of Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown.  Level one is the only yoga that I have ever done so to say I am clueless is close to the understatement of the year.  Jillian does a good job of reminding me of my cluelessness.  I work out in a bedroom upstairs with not a lot of room so it is cramped to begin with, and then I have to try to watch the tv to see what kind of contortionist move she is pulling off at the moment.  The best part of the workout came during the crow pose.  If anyone has ever done it, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  For those of you that havent, you put your hand on the ground in front of you bracing you, as you take your knees and set them above your elbows and one foot at a time attempt to raise your feet off the floor and balance only on your hands.  Ya well, I fell on my head.  Yep. Leaned a little too forward and fell. On. My. HEAD.  I couldnt stop laughing after that.  Thank God I was far enough back from the dresser or I may have knocked myself out!! :)

The ability to laugh at ourselves is something we should never lose.  Especially when you are attempting to learn something that you have never done before.  Like Crow.  It still brings a smile to my face.

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