Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Weekend, Pesky Visitor...

This weekend was a tad bit busy for me.  We had 2 parties to go to on Saturday, one family friendly one for a friend of mine, and one adults only alumni reunion night.  Adults only.  Can I get a woo hoo?!?!  Of course, a night out requires a new top to wear!!  So I went shopping on Friday after work.  New tank top, check!!  Losing close to 30 pounds makes a huge difference on the enjoyment you feel when shopping.

Brandon and I went in a little early for dinner and a drink before the others were set to start arriving.  It was a nice quality-time dinner for us.  Once everyone started showing up the festivities began.  It was a fun night with drinking, fun and lots of laughing.  My husband is a wonderful sport to hang out with people that he mostly, does not know.  There is one of my truest, bestest friends in the world that, luckily, Brandon also enjoys hanging out with.  This makes me beyond happy.

Prior to all our plans on Saturday I did get up and get moving and was able to get a good workout in.  I did Week 1 of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and I also planned my attack food wise.  I ate lunch before heading out to party #1 which helped tremendously.  It kept me from grazing the whole time.  I did sneak a couple handfuls of popcorn and a couple peanuts but that was it, other than several bottles of water.

Sunday I took as a day of rest, for no other reason than, I wanted one.  I wanted a lazy day.  My lazy days also consist of grocery shopping, cleaning up the house, laundry… you get the picture.  But this Sunday it also consisted of a small nap on the couch.  Sunday afternoon naps – is there anything better??

Yesterday the knee high socks that I ordered for our upcoming Dirty Girl Mud Run, in September, arrived in the mail!!! SO. EXCITED.  Of course we at work felt the need to pick ours out and model them.  I do believe our boss thinks we all need to be committed.  He may be right.  Yes, the socks were the highlight of our day at work.  Because, after all, it is a day at WORK.

Last night as soon as I got home I walked over to the gym and did my Day 2 of Week 4 of the C25K program on the treadmill.  It was 91 when I got home and extremely humid so the treadmill won.  Jacob went over with me and also ran next to me on the other treadmill (LOVE THAT) and after dinner we went back over for about 30 minutes and lifted some weights and I totally showed him up.  Hehehe : )  Madison was also in and out of the gym on one of her normal little adventures with a neon bandana/headband wrapped around her head with her backpack on.  The imagination that girl has just makes me smile.

Oh!!  Raccoons.  I don’t mind them from a distance.  They are cute enough.  Not in my back yard.  In the middle of the afternoon.  Under our deck.  Where I had just brought my dog inside from.  I will say that he must have been a quick little bugger because when we went out to get him, he was gone.  Brandon even searched on the 4-wheeler to no avail.  We think (read…HOPE) he went across the street and has found a new area to continue his adventures in.

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