Monday, July 9, 2012

Just Starting Out...

Well, here begins my blog.  Please bare with me as I figure out what I want to do with this and what people want to read!

Where to begin... Let's start at the beginning of my weight loss/healthy living/changing myself journey... I have never been "big" by most people's standards which means when I decided to start Weight Watchers on September 1, 2011, I heard a lot of "why do you want to lose weight?" "Why are you going to Weight Watchers? You look fine." "You don't need to lose any weight!" And so on and so forth. Well, compared to some people, no I didnt NEED to lose weight.  But to me, I WANTED and NEEDED to lose weight.  I was uncomfortable. I felt tired, I felt cranky, I was u.nhappy with myself.  I have always had self esteem issues and having your jeans feel like they might cut you in half like a magic act, certainly did not help those issues.  But I was not going to give in and by a bigger size.  That would be too easy. 

A little background on my weight gain, my Dad, my #1 man in my life, my partner in crime, passed away in June of 2010 from emphysema.  I was devastated.  I missed him terribly and I still do every day.  But I have children, and life for them must go on, every day.  But I did not focus on myself.  I didnt take care of myself.  I gained 20 pounds.  Fast foward to July 2011, my 20 year class reunion. 20 years??? Really???  I needed to do something.  I didnt. I went to my class reunion 20-25 pounds over where I wanted to be.  For some reason, August 31st 2011 when I walked through that door of the church for my first (again) Weight Watchers meeting, something clicked.  I started my journey September 1st and never looked back.  My goal was to lose 20 pounds.  I now hover right around the 27 pounds lost mark and I feel wonderful. 

March 2012 I decided now that I have lost the weight and I am "thin", that is not really what I want.  I want to be healthy, and toned, and in shape.  So starts my exercise.  I have never been a fan of exercise... until now.  I love the way I feel when I am done, I love the stress that it melts away from me and I love what it is turning my body into.  I set a goal for myself to be in the best shape of my life by the time my 40th birthday rolls around (March 17th, 2013) and I am going to meet that goal.  I am in the process of running the C25K program, I am biking with my kids and husband, and I am allowing Jillian Michaels to kick my butt by video in the privacy of my own home. 

I am hoping to bring a little motivation to those of you that read this, a little "hey, if she can do it, so can I" and a lot of friendship and companionship. 


  1. Good luck with your blog!!! Just write about what you want to write about and what makes you happy =)

    I blog over at and sometimes it is just random and crazy but I love it!

  2. Good luck even though you dont need it it will be awesome you will just love it!! I just started out a couple months ago and with some hard work you will be surprised how much it pays off! Here I will help with being your newest follower :)