Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free food and P90X...

I may have mentioned this before but, where I work, we get free lunches.  A lot of free lunches.  Not daily, but usually weekly and sometimes multiple times a week.  I used to order and eat each time, because let’s be realistic… FREE FOOD.  I am not rich, I am closer to poor most of the time so the concept of free was a huge bonus.  Things in my mind have changed.  I now see the free concept as free fat, free pounds, free cholesterol, free laziness… I think you get the point.  Now, not everywhere that we order from is horrible for you.  I will sometimes order from one place that has a delicious Greek Chicken Salad.  But, as a general rule, that is the only time I order.  There may be an occasional splurge but it is rare anymore.  I have learned and trained myself to know that free is just not worth it anymore.  I am worth more than that.  I consistently eat what I have brought for myself from home and when I am done, I am proud.  I am proud and happy that I have come so far.  It doesn’t bother me anymore to say no to the lunches.  And when I do eat them, I make smart decisions about them.  And that will stick with me.  Weight Watchers has taught me that.  I can still eat what I like, but you learn to recognize what is worth eating to you.  Some things are worth the splurge and the points, and some just are absolutely not.  But those decisions are completely up to me. You have to decide what is more important to you… your health or saving a little money.

P90X!!!!!  Jacob and I have started the P90X program this week.  We are doing the classic program and we started on Monday with Disc 1 Back and Shoulders.  It is now Thursday and my upper body still hurts!!! Last night was the 2nd disc of plyometrics and as the day goes on today, my lower body is starting to catch up with my upper body.  But you know what??? I love it!  I worked out, I worked hard, and my body is telling me that.  Considering my motivation has been wavering lately (to say the least), I am happy to be hurting again.  Working out with my son is completely awesome!!  We have a great time, we laugh, we push each other, we run into each other (small room!) and we hurt together.  It’s bonding.

Tonight the plan is the treadmill at the school fitness center providing my legs do not completely revolt.  And even if they do, I may still punish them.  I haven’t run in over a week due to illness and laziness so I NEED to go.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Losing Motivation...

Once again, I have been seriously lacking in my posts again.  For some reason, my motivation for exercise seems to have gotten lost, or been taken hostage, or sucked into a black hole… I need to blame it on something!!  Ideas??  Here are my thoughts… the weather, work, kids, life… at any given point in the last, oh I don’t know, month, these have all gotten in my way.  Now I have a head cold. A dizzying, feel like my head will explode if I bend over head cold.  Yes, those are excuses.  No, I don’t like even saying them.  So I am.  Somebody yell at me!!!  I don’t want to use excuses.  I don’t want to sit on my booty.  I don’t want to lose everything that I worked so hard for all summer long. 
          Losing motivation is a vicious cycle.  I get tired and cranky from not working out, I don’t work out because I am tired and cranky.  I must force myself to get back into it to bring the cycle to an end. 
          Jacob and I are planning on starting the P90X program as SOON as my head can handle it.  I have also re-joined the fitness center at my kids school so that I can run on the treadmills and watch TV at the same time, instead of my shadow on the wall.  B.O.R.I.N.G.  I will get back to my kick a$$ motivation.

It has been so long since I posted I will try to remember things that happened in a shortened version…

I ran my second 5K.  I bettered my time to 27:47 and came in 3rd in my age group (again) and won my first ribbon and instead of a trophy, it came on a pumpkin.  Loved it! It was cold!!  And rainy!  And super muddy!  And a cross country course through apple orchards and woods and it was awesome!!
With my kids after the Brown's Berry Patch 5K

I am still maintaining my weight on Weight Watchers.  Have I mentioned I love Weight Watchers????  There.  I did.  I do.  It works for me.  I get to go to my son’s 8th grade tea and snack on hot cocoa, scones, finger sandwiches and mini cheesecakes with him and it is a memory that I will keep with me and didn’t have to avoid it because “I can’t eat that”.  I can go shopping with my husband and eat dinner out with a couple drinks.  You can eat anything within moderation and always adjust accordingly.  That being said, after being on WW for any amount of time, you will learn what is worth eating or splurging on and what is most definitely not.  You learn to eat healthy, to choose the best option in the given situation.  And that is something you can always use in your life.

Jacob and I at his 8th grade tea at school