Monday, August 6, 2012

Anniversary Weekend...

Let me start by apologizing for the lack of posting this past week, I really have no good excuses… oh I have excuses, just not good ones.   I was very busy at work, I was very busy at home (well, that is nothing new, and therefore, not an excuse), and I was at times, well, lazy.  There you have it- my not good excuses. 

My kids are officially done with their summer rec program which means my vacation time is soon to begin!  Tomorrow to be exact.  Tomorrow’s plan is a trip to the Buffalo Zoo with my kids and two of my very best friends!! I am very excited!! The zoo may never be the same again. Hehe : )  I can hardly wait to post on the day and fill you all in!

This past Saturday, my plans with the kids were to go to the local rodeo here, which is actually a really good rodeo, and I am all about everything country.  But, with the heat index at 100 for the day, warnings of the heat, and no possibility of shade there, we decided against it.  Brandon and I had an anniversary dinner planned and the last thing I wanted was to get fried or sick, or have the kids get sick.  That night, Brandon and I went out for our anniversary to a restaurant in Buffalo and it was a wonderful night.  The food was to die for, the ambiance was romantic, the waiter was delightful… it was all good! 

Charbroiled Portabello Mushroom

As an appetizer I ordered the Charbroiled Portabello Mushrooms.  OH. SO. GOOD.  They were drizzled with balsamic vinegar with small sides of roasted red peppers and goat cheese.  Dinner was Filet Mignon which was served on a bed of onion straws with a house salad.  I also ordered a side of asparagus spears which were cooked perfectly.  Dessert, which we didn’t order, but our waiter surprised us with, was a slice of cheesecake with strawberry sauce and strawberries on the side.  Normally, I am not a cheesecake fan.  But I did try this, so as to not be rude (ya, right) and it was really good.  I ate a bite, then another, and another.  And the strawberries.  Before I knew it half of it was gone and I stopped.

The highlight of my evening however was the beautiful Chamelia bracelet that my loving husband got for me, which was a total shock.  I was not expecting anything.  Love those kind of surprises!!

Enough of my gushing about my weekend… time to get down to business… and by that I mean exercise.  I have slacked off the last couple days and I need to make up for it.  Tonight will be my C25K Week 5, Day 3 run – which means 20 minutes without any walking.  I will be honest, I am scared.  I am trying not to be, and I try to tell myself that I can do this.  But I am worried.  But I can do this. I can.  Right?  I know one thing for sure.  WHEN I do it, I will be extremely proud of myself.   It may not seem like a lot for some people, but for me, who has never been a runner, and always had trouble with it, BIG. It will be BIG.

Please stay tuned for my next post where I get to announce that I have been chosen for a Liebster Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Best of luck on the C25! You'll be fine - you've worked up to it :-D.